meet our staff! 

This page is under construction.  

There will be more information added about our staff soon. We know how important it is for you to know who is caring for your children.  For now you can at least put a face to a name. 


All program staff members are required to undergo a criminal background check including fingerprints and  obtain a test for Tuberculosis prior to working with children. Caregivers will be required to obtain a minimum of 16 hours of professional development annually, including certifications in First Aid, CPR, and Blood Borne Pathogens. Many of the staff members are NMU students aspiring to work with young people when they graduate. The goal is to provide high quality, consistent care and learning experiences for your child. 


The current staff to child ratio policy according to state licensing is 1:18. In most situations, you will find that we strive for a smaller ratio.


Site Supervisor, Superior Hills

I graduated from NMU with a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice. I’ve been working with kids for over five years and have been with CCS for the last three years. I love hanging out with the kids and watching them use their imagination. When I’m not at work I love to be outside exploring with my friends. 

olivia or "LIV"

Assistant Program Director

Sandy Knoll

I am studying Secondary Education Integrated Sciences at NMU. I have been working with kids since 2017 and at Child Central Station for about two years. When I am not at work  work, I enjoy traveling, reading, and being outside! 

Brianna or "BRI"

Assistant Program Director

 Sandy Knoll/Graveraet

I am currently working on getting my Early Childhood Education degree. My favorite thing is to see the children grow within themselves and their imagination. I have been working with CCS for over a year and with children since I was in high school. 


Sandy Knoll

I am studying filmmaking at Northern Michigan University. My favorite thing to do is make arts and crafts with the kids. I also enjoy building Lego creations with them. I have been working with children for almost two years here at Child Central Station. 


Sandy Knoll and Superior Hills 

I love connecting and sharing fun moments with the kids while being reminded of how big and beautiful the world is. I’m certified in crisis prevention, de-escalation, and person centered planning in behavior health. I hope to be a safe place for anyone needing to process emotions, as well as someone who will support and encourage individual growth. I’m passionate about music, have spent time recording in Nashville, and write songs that others can relate to while going through a hard time. 


Site Supervisor

Superior Hills

I'm getting my BA in forensic anthropology from NMU, I hve been with CCS for 3 years, and I like to play sports with the kids. Outside of work my favorite things to do are go to the beach, hike, and be with family.


Sandy Knoll and Superior Hills 

I just finished my junior year of college at NMU. I’m a psychology major with minors in art and design, and substance use and abuse. I have coached diving and enjoy sports while I also enjoy working out. I have worked with kids for all of my adult life and young adult through coaching and babysitting. 


Summer Program


Sandy Knoll and Superior Hills 

I have a BA in Secondary Education in Social Studies and Mathematics. I also work in Foster Care. I have worked with children for about 7 years now. I love getting to know kids and being able to watch their personalities develop as they grow older and to see what little adults they grow up to be. When I’m not at work I love to be outside exploring or at the beach swimming when it’s warm enough! This is my first year at CCS! 


Sandy Knoll and Superior Hills 

I’m pursuing a psychology degree from Northern. I love to hike and draw in my free time, and I enjoy encouraging kids to explore their own creativity. I’ve worked with kids since I was around 13, from babysitting to summer camps. 


Sandy Knoll and Superior Hills 

I am currently pursuing a degree in Elementary Education at NMU. I have been working with children for about 3 years through various summer camps, sports camps, coaching, and after school programs. I love building relationship with each child personally and learning what makes them unique! Outside of work, I love hiking, running, and art. 

Allan, Amy, and Dane

We are the family behind Child Central Station and Child Central Station, LLC

Amy works at all of our locations. Allan and Dane work primarily at our group home, but are behind the scenes with maintenance and errand help for our school locations. 

In our "spare time" we love to travel, play games, dig up dinosaurs, collect rocks, garden, create art and spend time with our extended family.