Schedules and Payments are due every other Wednesday.

In order for us to fulfill your scheduled care,

we must have your enrollment information on file and a timely payment.

In the event of a school closure or a Covid-19 related absence, you will be refunded/credited for the payments you make for care. It is your responsibility to communicate these absences to our program director via text/call/email.

If you need care prior to December 6,

please email

Please remember that payment is due when you submit your schedule.

Enrollment for the Fall 2021 School Year is ongoing. Please contact our program at the school your child attends to complete enrollment.

Superior Hills 906 361-9016, Sandy Knoll (906) 361-2275

In order for your child to participate, you must:

1. Complete all of the new enrollment paperwork

2. Submit a schedule and

3. Make your payment.

All children must re-enroll for the new school year. This year's forms (2021-22 school year) are blue.


ARE DUE ON December 1.