Parent Information Board

Due to Covid-19, we are asking that parents do not enter the building unless absolutely necessary. This page has been set up as our virtual parent information board! You should be able to find everything we would have posted indoors on a bulletin board for you here.

Our program schedule Before School:

6:30 - 8 am Arrivals and Choice Play Indoors

8- 8:45 Arrivals and Choice Play Outdoors

8:45 Transition to School

9:00 End of Program

Our program schedule After School:

3:45 Transition to Program

3:50 - 4?? Afternoon Snack (could be indoors or out)

Outdoor Choice Play

6:00 End of Program

*Our program will spend most of our time outdoors,

but will move indoors when weather or child's need

deem it necessary.

Covid-19 Plan

Policies and Procedures

Emergency Procedures

Our licensing notebook is still available for you to see at any time. You are welcome to ask for it at the door. You can also see a licensing profile and licensing reports at the following website links:

Sandy Knoll Licensing, LARA Site

Superior Hills Licensing, LARA Site

The recall list can be found here:

Consumer Product Safety Commission Product Recalls

for Children's Safety (not including toys)


Additional Forms that may be helpful to you:

Medication Permission Form

(please remember that all lotions/creams are also considered medications)

Automatic Bank Account Payment Form

Automatic Credit Card Payment Form

Please note: All staff members and volunteers are required to participate in a comprehensive background check, obtain a TB test, and be certified in CPR and First Aid along with complete regular training.

Snack Menu
Monday- Choice of Grain and Choice of Fruit or Yogurt

Tuesday- Choice of Grain and Choice of Cheese or Vegetables

Wednesday- Choice of Grain and Choice of Fruit or Yogurt

Thursday- Choice of Grain and Choice of Cheese or Vegetables

Friday - Choice of Grain and Choice from all remaining food groups

Examples of choices may include but are not limited to:

Grains: Goldfish, Animal Crackers, Rice Cakes, Pretzels, Graham Crackers, Granola Bars,

Chex Mix, CheezIts, NutriGrain Bars, Snack Crackers, ...............

Protein/Dairy: Cheese, Yogurt, Lunch Meats, Mixed Nuts (as long as allergies are not a concern)

Fruit: Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Other Seasonal Fresh Fruit as Available, Fruit Cups, Applesauce

Vegetables: Carrots, PIckles, Cucumbers, Broccoli, Celery, Other Fresh Vegetables as Available

Video Tutorials for

How to print reports and statements (click here)

How to schedule at (click here) (This is an old video where we required 2 weeks of scheduling at a time. We currently require only 1 week to be scheduled at a time. I will update this video soon, but this will show you how to schedule in the meantime).