Summer 2023

Enrollment for Current Families is available via! 

You need to complete a re-registration.  

Scheduling is now open! 

 You must choose Superior Hills as your school in order to schedule for the summer program. Procare limits scheduling by parents to 12 weeks into the future, so you are only able to schedule for part of the summer right now. If your child's schedule will be consistent, please let us know and we can input that into the system for you. If you have trouble with scheduling, let us know so we can help you learn the system. 

Enrollment for new families is now open! 

Registration is now open! Click here to Begin Step 1.

Upon completion of step 1, you will receive an automated email from Procare. It may take our staff up to 2 business to process your registration. You will hear from us via email ( We will let you know if we still have space available and give you the instructions on how to complete/finalize your registration with Step 2. If there is not space available at this time, we will contact you to let you know as soon as we can and discuss the waiting list options.  Please be patient, we have a lot of correspondence to manage and we are also currently caring for children. We will process things as quickly as we can. 

It can take some time for us to contact you about Step 2. (All groups are full or close to full at this time, completing Step 1 adds you to our waiting list)

 Please make sure to review all of the information on the Parent Information Board Prior to completing step 2 of registration. You will need to be able to answer "yes" to many questions that you have received and reviewed the information provided to you there.  Chances are, you will hear from us a lot faster, but please give us some time to respond. Once you have heard from us, you can complete the re-registration process. Please make sure to choose the New Families option. A video tutorial on how to find re-registrations can be found here if you need it: (Please not the video is older and will not show all options, but the steps are the same- choose NEW FAMILIES  This video will walk you through the re-registration process that is necessary to complete enrollment.  Click here. 

Step 3 will be a final confirmation email from our staff with the option for you to begin scheduling. 

Enrollment will need to be finalized by our staff, and will be completed by an email confirmation after we have received your enrollment fee. (Please remember that enrollment does not always guarantee space for variable schedules.) In order to guarantee your spot you must schedule via (once you are approved to do so) and pay for that schedule to confirm it. 

If you have additional questions please email us at  

We will call or email you back as soon as we are able. (Remember we are also caring for children, so it may take a little bit of time for us to respond.)

Please do not try jump steps before an email and instructions are provided. It will make more work for you and more work for us. Thank you for your patience, we look forward to an awesome and very busy summer!!!!

Summer Program (2022-23):

Full Week $180/week

Single Day $40/day

Half Day $20/day

(Drop In Care subject to an additional $5/day or session.)