Summer 2022


  • We are located at the Sandy Knoll Elementary School, 401 N 6th Street, Marquette.

  • We will be using the Staff Parking Lot on 7th street for drop off/pick up and the back gym door as the entrance. You will need to call/text 906 361 2275 to be let into the building. Our sign will be near the door in case you forget the number. YOU MUST WALK YOUR CHILD IN TO THE PROGRAM TO CHECK THEM IN/OUT. This is necessary for safety in the parking lot and to enable parent/provider communication. Calling or texting is essential as it allows us to have a back up time in/out for children if our timeclock does not sync. Not all of the staff can sign children in/out, thus calling/texting makes sure we are able to have an accurate count of children at all times.

  • WE DO NOT PROVIDE BREAKFAST OR LUNCH. We will provide a morning and afternoon snack. We do not have a refrigerator available for students to keep their lunches, nor do we have access to the microwaves. We do have some children with allergies to peanuts, milk, and eggs. However, we should be able to manage those items with separate tables/eating areas.

  • Schedules are due every other Wednesday. The first schedule is due on June 8. (for the weeks of June 13 and June 20). All scheduling is done at (The app does not work for our version of Procare, so please do not try. You will need to use If you submitted a consistent schedule to us, your child’s schedule will be entered into ProCare. (If your schedule varies, you will be able to enter it ) You are able to edit that schedule every 2 weeks, as long as you do it by the deadline. A tutorial to help you with that can be found by clicking here.

  • Payments are due every other Friday. The first payment is due on June 10. Late payments will be subject to late fees. Additionally, late schedules and payments may result in being charged the drop in rates and/or space not being available for the care you need.

  • Summer rates: Full week $180, Daily $40, Half Day $20. Drop In- Daily $45, Half Day $25. (Any care that is not scheduled biweekly by the deadline is considered drop in care).

  • Scholarships and Child Care Assistance may be available to you. You can apply for childcare assistance here: ALL FAMILIES that have an out of pocket cost for childcare can also apply for a scholarship. (This is not based on income and is funded by the CARES ACT GRANT we applied for). This scholarship is currently available for the month of June, but may be extended based on additional grant funds received) You can find the scholarship application here: (click on the yellow button)

  • Additional forms of assistance such as Tribal and Military may be available to you. If you think you may qualify please let us know and we will help you get that process started if we are able.

  • Children will be separated into 3 different groups for the summer based on age. Ms Jenni, our program director will be your daily point person. The program phone number is 906 361 2275, and the best email is Your children will also have a regular teaching team working with their group that you will get to know as well.

  • Payments can be made via cash, check, credit card, or bank account. Automatic payment forms are available if you would like. Credit card transactions are subject to a 3% processing fee). If you signed up for an automatic payment and have your account information on file, those will initiate from our bank on Friday mornings.

  • All families need to review child information cards on the first day of attendance. PLEASE make sure to arrive a little bit early so that you have time to complete what you need. Forms for payment preference (Automatic payments), medication, sunscreen/bug spray will also be available for you when you arrive.

  • If you have just been added from the waiting list and still need to schedule, please email us or call us at 906 361 2275 to complete your enrollment and schedule for the first 2 weeks.

  • Scheduling is open for the rest of the summer. All families can visit to schedule. (If you were previously at Superior Hills, you need to choose Sandy Knoll in order to continue to schedule for summer being that is now your current location) If you have a consistent schedule and/or see a schedule in place that needs to change, you will have to delete the old before it will allow you to add a new schedule. If you are struggling, please ask. We have the tutorial video AND we have computer available at the school that we can use to help you learn the program.

  • The last day of the program is August 19. (Our last day at the school is August 12, but we have a week of field trips planned with our home base being St. Michael's Church gym. More details will be forthcoming).

  • Our Blue Group (grades K-1) is currently full with a waiting list. Our Aqua (grades 2-3), and Green (grades 4-5-6) still have some spaces available.

  • Wrap around care will also be provided for the MAPS summer school. Summer School will run from 8-Noon. Before School care will be $6/session (less than 1 hr) and half days are available for the afternoons at $20/day. If your child's summer school schedule is different from the 8 am - noon, please contact us to discuss pricing. Summer school will take place at the high school this year and we will not be providing transporation to and from the programs.

  • Are there any additional fees? A one time enrollment fee of $10 is charged for families who are not currently enrolled with Child Central Station, LLC

  • When will the program operate? Our regular program will run for 9 weeks begining on June 13, ending on August 12. However, we hope to offer a bonus week of field trips! (If we can secure field trip locations, our summer program will officially end on August 19).

  • What are the program hours? 6:45 am - 5:30 pm

  • Who can attend? Children ages 4 yrs, 9 months to age 12. Enrollment is not limited by what school a child attends or community that they live in.

  • Who do I contact if I have other questions? Our program directors are Amy Ahola and Jenni Feighner, you can reach them at or call the program at 906 361 2275.

  • How do I enroll? Please click on the links on this page in order to enroll.

Thanks to a generous grant, we are able to offer a 25% tuition scholarship to all of our families who have any out of pocket childcare expenses. There are no income guidelines to meet, you just need to fill out the form by clicking the yellow summer tuition scholarship button!